Laboratoire d'Enseignement en Source Ouverte et Logiciels Libres
Teaching Laboratory in Open Source and Free Software

HISTORY of LESOLL development

To be edited. General explanations.

Who When What
JLS June 2007 Projet LLSOLL
Cahier de charges


  • Improved graphics
  • Introduction of some principles of ergonomy

LLSOLL version 1

  • First test web

LESOLL version 2

  • Improved look-and-feel
Constantin Sandru Mai 2008

LESOLL version 3

  • English version ( reference)
  • English, French, Roumanian list of related terms (XLS)
  • International version (labels only)
  • French version
  • Roumanian version
Constantin Sandru July 2008

LESOLL version 4

  • Improved ergonomy (less use of textual terms, more international pictograms with related alternative text)
  • New CSS
  • New Templates (dwt)
  • Function: Create New Profile" and related pages
  • New pages: Legal note, About, History, Help section
  • Improved graphics elements (including transparent zones)
  • No more Flash buttons (at least for a while)
  • Push Buttons with 2 states (On and Over)
  • Common graphics for all national versions (single unic repertory /graphics)
  • Common templates repertory for all national versions (/Templates)
  • Common CSS stylesheet for all national versions (LESOLL_styleshhet.css)